Walking meditation

Part of the CE-5 protocol involves meditation and remote viewing – two things I am fairly new to and that I really struggle with. My mind is super busy all the time and it is extremely difficult to calm it down.

I was mentioning this challenge to someone and she said not all meditation sessions have to be long. She suggested I try very short sessions of meditation, say 3 to 5 minutes at a time. And she also suggested “walking meditation.”

A light bulb went off. Yes! These are things I can do. I already notice moments in my day where my mind slips into a consciousness of nature, where I feel my place in the Grand Scheme of things – why not just notice and build upon those moments? And I love to walk, so why not try to build the habit of meditation while I’m out and about?

I had a great experience with this last night. I went out at twilight and the evening was warm, clear and magical. I did a brief moment of centering myself, then slipped into a calm state of awareness and contemplation. I was only out for about 20 minutes but it was very moving. There were moments of time where I felt very “connected” to the Universe.

It’s a start!


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