Report on our first field work, Global CE-5

I am pretty pumped about our first “Global CE-5” night under the stars. As far as ET activity went, it was fairly quiet. We did see a few brilliant “flash bulbs,” though, which encouraged us.

Three people attended. We met in a vacant lot in a quiet neighbourhood on the hill. It was dark but there was some traffic going by from time to time. We did not follow the protocol stringently (I think we were all a little excited and chatty), so that may have affected our contact results. Or maybe ET was just busy somewhere else!

I’d love to find a more remote “dark place” for these gatherings. If anyone knows of a good place in or around Nanaimo please let me know. Preferences would be for somewhere very quiet, with little traffic, and with a large view of the dark skies. Email me if you know of such a place. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Report on our first field work, Global CE-5

  1. Judith (and William) Munns October 12, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    Hi, Dawn;
    We would have loved to attend your event at Unity last night, but couldn’t make it… however, I’d love to hear how it went from your perspective. Meanwhile, I’m checking out your site.

    Let’s meet for coffee again soon, now that Timmies’ reno is done!
    Kindest regards

    • dawnann-admin October 12, 2018 at 11:17 pm

      Hi Judith and William! You did not miss my event yet, it is coming up next Thursday. Regardless, I would love to have coffee with you both one day soon. I will email you privately. 🙂

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