Dreaming of CE-5 at the Ranch

Springtime in Nanaimo

It’s been a long, cold winter in Nanaimo and we were hoping to get out for some CE-5 on Global CE-5 day on April 6. But alas, it was rainy and cold that night.

So, as has become our custom, we met at a local Timmy’s and yacked about all kinds of weird and wonderful things. We had one new member and I love how our group is coming together!

We were hoping to try CE-5 out at Paradise Acres Ranch near Nanoose and we are still hoping to get out there in May.

We have also been discussing CE-5 indoors, which a lot of Canadians apparently have some luck with. After all, conscious contact is the main goal, right?

Do let me know if you are interested in joining us. We’d love to meet you!

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of CE-5 at the Ranch

  1. Michelle April 2, 2021 at 11:14 am

    I know this post is from 2019 but if there is ever a group being held at paradise acres ranch I AM IN!!!!

    • Dawn Turner April 2, 2021 at 12:11 pm

      Hi Michelle! Thanks for commenting. We are getting fired up again for spring and hope to do CE-5 at the ranch real soon. If you’d like to join our group (we are currently doing Zoom meetings every other week), please do email me. Hope to meet you soon! 🙂

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