If you found your way to this website it probably wasn’t by accident. Chances are you have watched or read something by Dr. Steven Greer and are intrigued enough to know more.

And you are curious about CE-5!

For me, the journey started when I had a series of sightings as a teen, one of which was particularly memorable in that there seemed to be some form of communication going on between me and the craft. I always wondered why “they” would have come to see me of all people. But life goes on and the decades pass. You get a job, you raise children, and then one day grandchildren come along.

That’s how it was for me – until I stumbled upon the movie Unacknowledged one day and all the pieces of my life seemed to fall into place. I knew that I suddenly had a new purpose and I dedicated my remaining years to it.

In May 2018 I joined Dr. Greer and about 25 others for a week-long ET-contact and CE-5 training session in Arizona. Then in July 2018 I again joined Dr. Greer and 20 or so others for advanced training at Mt. Shasta. It was incredible! I learned a lot and met some amazing people who are passionate about CE-5. And now I want to share what I have learned with Nanaimo and area residents so that we can spread a word of hope to others.

Please contact me by email if you want to ask questions or even join in!